During pandemic situation, Microsoft Teams becoming very popular on setting up meetings, online classes by educational institutes, and training programs etc.,

By considering the above scenarios, we can automate the process on setting up meeting the MS Teams using Power Automate.

Power Automate provides bunch of actions and triggers to…

In this post, we are mainly going to see how to create Azure Functions using Python.

When creating function, Microsoft has provided us to choose languages like C#, JavaScript, Python, Power Shell, Java and so on..

With our convenient, we can write a program in any language.

In general, functions…

Create Google Cloud Functions using Node.js

In this blog, let’s us see how to create google cloud functions using node.js in step by step

This image is taken from Google Cloud

Before creating a cloud function, we have to set up a firebase project in our local machine. …

Veera Ganesh

Expertise in Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Power Platform, .Net, Azure AI, Google Cloud Platform, AI - Chatbot, and Javascript Framework

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