Create Meetings in MS Teams using Power Automate

During pandemic situation, Microsoft Teams becoming very popular on setting up meetings, online classes by educational institutes, and training programs etc.,

By considering the above scenarios, we can automate the process on setting up meeting the MS Teams using Power Automate.

Power Automate provides bunch of actions and triggers to connect with MS Teams.

In this post, let’s see how to create the meeting in MS Teams by simple steps.

User Case : After creating meeting, users should be notified through the teams channel by posting the message about meeting details.

For this demo, I have created demo teams and channels for our better understanding.

Step 1: Open Power Automate and create Manual Trigger flow.
In this manual trigger, I have taken two fields:

  1. Event
  2. Message

Step 2:

Choose action “Create a Teams meeting (preview)”

Step 3: Fill out meeting details
To create a Teams meeting, we have to provide the details which are mandatory.

a. Calendar id — choose Calendar (to block the event on calendar).
b. Subject — is subject line of meeting. (Eventfrom previous action)
c. Message — message is text or agenda. (Message — from previous action)
d. timeZone — select your timezone
e. Start time and End time — is most important when we block the calendar.
It should be date and time format.

Start time formatDateTime(utcNow(),’yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm’)
End time —
f. Required attendees — enter attendees email address

Click “Show advanced options” — All these options are straight forward and it similar to outlook meeting options.

Step 4 : After create meeting in teams, then we can post the meeting details in Teams channel using this action “Post a message (V3) (Preview)”.

By posting the messages in channel, attendees and other stake holders in project will be notified.

In Message body, I have chosen “subject” and “joinUrl” for this demo. We can choose as per our requirement.

Hope we have covered all steps and let’s see the output after execute the flow.
After successfully executed, we have to check in two places.

  1. Teams Calendar

2. Post message in Teams channel

We have done it in very few steps to create meeting in Teams.

Hope, you are enjoyed this blog. Please provide your comments and feedback.

Happy Learning!!!

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